Wells Drilled and Fraced 

  • Ten wells have been drilled at the DWG pad site - they have been fraced in 3 Phases.

  • Phase 1: Three wells in May 2010 (9.7 million gallons of water) - Phase 2: Three wells in December 2010/Jan 2011 (15.4 million gallons of water) - Phase 3: Four wells in June/July 2014 (20 million gallons).

  • XTO and DWG claim all but 3.2 million gallons of water used for fracing was sourced from water hydrants near the DWG pad site. Both submitted records supporting their claims to the TCEQ as part of an investigation to determine if XTO violated the terms of their TCEQ issued permit.

  • XTO had a permit from the TCEQ that allowed up to 3.2 million gallons to be diverted from Pappy Elkins. Based on exhaustive research, we believe XTO violated their TCEQ permit by diverting from Pappy Elkins Lake roughly 5 times the amount of water their permit allowed. We are disappointed that DWG seems to have decided to help XTO by presenting questionable data to the TCEQ. 

  • ​XTO used a lake pump and removed water from Pappy Elkins during Phases 1 and 2 . XTO and DWG initially claimed a lake pump was used only during Phase 1 but had to change their positions after we produced photographs of a lake pump operating in January 2011. One of the photographs is provided here on the right side of this page showing the pump hooked to dozens of frac trailers. 

  • XTO consumed 9.7 million gallons of water during Phase 1 but claims they did not fully utilize their permit (during Phase 1). They assert DWG provided 7 million gallons from water hydrants and DWG fully supports this position. We know this position to be false because DWG did not purchase enough water from Fort Worth for the days it claims to have delivered such 7 million gallons. We believe XTO removed 5 million gallons from Pappy Elkins Lake during Phase 1.

  •  During Phase 2 XTO consumed 15.4 million gallons of water. XTO and DWG each delivered data to the TCEQ attempting to evidence that 14.3 million gallons was sourced from water hydrants and that the lake pump did not operate in Jan 2011.. Several facts suggest that the data submitted by XTO and DWG are false: 1. DWG did not purchase enough water from Fort Worth 2. Pictures of the lake pump operating in Jan 2011 attached to emails from a DWG resident to XTO 3. Satellite photos showing Pappy Elkins Lake dropped 3 to 4 feet during Phase 2 fracing.

  • It appears that  XTO: diverted 10 million gallons of water from Pappy Elkins Lake during Phase 2 - diverted 15 millions gallons during Phases 1 and 2 in total - submitted false data to the TCEQ with the support of DWG. We are disappointed that DWG has tried to help XTO by presenting questionable data to the TCEQ. The pictures to the right are from January 2011.

DWG City Council and Mayor Tedder Approve Use of Pappy Elkins as a Frac Pond

Two DWG City Council resolutions - passed with 100% approval - allowed XTO to remove water from Pappy Elkins Lake for frac water. In addition, Mayor Tedder on two occasions issued letters of permission to XTO for the removal of water from Pappy Elkins Lake.  

June 18, 2009 - DWG Resolution 09-33

  • ​Approved the extraction of water from Pappy Elkins Lake with a stipulation that water be replenished in accordance with a plan approved by DWG.
  • Mayor Tedder issued a permission letter to XTO on May 28, 2009 only days after the DWG City Council denied XTO's request to remove water from Pappy Elkins Lake. Then in the June 2009 DWG Council Meeting, after Mayor Tedder has signed a legal document committing the city, the council approved XTO's use of Pappy Elkins as a frac pond. 
  • XTO permit from the TCEQ allowed a one-time removal of 3,2 million gallons of water from Pappy Elkins Lake. This permit was completely utilized in May 2010.
  • DWG provided a schedule showing in May 2010, 7 million gallons of water was actually removed from Pappy Elkins - more than double the permitted level. DWG subsequently delivered to the TCEQ, as part of their investigation, a different schedule showing only 2.7 million gallons removed from Pappy Elkins Lake.


August 19, 2010 - DWG Resolution 10-46 Approved

  • This resolution gave permission to XTO to remove more water from Pappy Elkins Lake.
  • There was no limit on the amount of water and no requirement to replenish the water.
  • Mayor Tedder issued XTO a permission letter in an apparent attempt to extend for two years the effectiveness of their TCEQ permit. Perplexing in that XTO's TCEQ permit had been fully exhausted when Mayor Tedder signed this letter on August 19, 2010. Mayor Tedder also had no authority to extend the tenor of a law of the State of Texas. 
  • ​​Which may explain why XTO posted a fake permit in late 2010 at the pad site. DWG and XTO initially denied the removal of water from Pappy Elkins in Dec 2010 / Jan 2011 but later had to change their position because of data we collected and presented to the TCEQ.

DWG Fracing Summary



What You Should Know

In the fall of 2007 DWG and XTO held town hall meetings where the citizenry were assured that no water would be taken from Pappy Elkins Lake to be used for fracing. On December 13, 2007, Mayor Tedder signed a surface use agreement with XTO that read (in part):

   "Lessee (XTO) shall not use water from any of Lessor's (DWG) water wells, tanks or ponds without the prior written consent of Lessor."


XTO and DWG executed a written agreement prohibiting the removal of water from Pappy Elkins Lake which helped induce citizens to sign leases with XTO. It is unclear, however, what the understanding was (in 2007) as to where frac water would be sourced if not from Pappy Elkins Lake. XTO's plans included the drilling and fracing of 16 gas wells over time that would require 4 to 5 million gallons of water per well - or an aggregate of 75 million gallons. To frac efficiently, a high capacity water delivery system is required and XTO on two occasions (May 2010 and Dec 2010/Jan 2011) utilized a pump in Pappy Elkins that was able to deliver 2,000+ gallons a minute for their frac operations. 

XTO could only legally remove 3.2 million gallons from Pappy Elkins Lake - ever - which represents less than 5% of the water they would need over the life of their DWG natural gas operations. So the questions we have asked the DWG City Council (with no response) are these:

  • Why consider, let alone adopt, any plans involving the removal of water from Pappy Elkins Lake when so little of the water needed could be legally sourced there? 
  • ​What evidence suggests that an alternative, legally compliant water source was identified in 2007 when DWG citizens signed their leases?

We don't have answers to these questions but we have learned that the entire DWG City Council received favorable gas leases from XTO for their personal properties. We were also surprised to learn that there has never been a written agreement between XTO and DWG regarding the sale of water. If DWG city water (which it buys from Fort Worth) was always intended to be the primary water source, we believe XTO would have required an agreement that obligated DWG to deliver the requisite water at an agreed upon price. Lastly, there is no infrastructure in place for DWG to deliver high volumes of water to the XTO pad site - an obvious inconsistency with the notion that city water was always the intended primary water source.

​What we do know is that Pappy Elkins Lake is nearly empty, and in the summer of 2014 we had a giant frac tank in the middle of our park for several weeks providing frac water. It is difficult for us to believe that this water delivery system was contemplated when the leases were signed in 2007.